Why I Got a Budgie

Before getting Apollo, in February of 2016, I thought a lot about why I wanted a pet. In the following posts I share my thought process, as well as links to other blogs and sites that have important information worth considering before deciding to bring a budgie into your home.

Growing up with pets

I grew up living with animals, and animal lovers. In this section I talk a bit about what that was like and the pets I had.

Deciding to get a pet again

I had been living without a pet since I moved to Victoria in 2009. Find out why I decided to get one again seven years later.

Inspiring Bird Videos

You know how everybody is obsessed with cat videos on Youtube? Well I happen to think the budgie ones are even better. You can watch some of my favourite budgie (and other kinds of parot) videos here.

Ethics of pet keeping

To weigh the decision of whether or not it is moral and ethical to keep a budgie as a pet, I went to the internet to find out about how budgies fair in captivity. This is what I found out.

Where do I get a bird?

After deciding that I wanted a pet, and specifically that I wanted a budgie, I had to figure out where to get one. I talk about all the options I found here, and the pros and cons of each of them.

Choosing Apollo

This is the story of the day I brought my new baby budgie home to live with me, and of how he got his name.