Deciding To Get a Pet Again

I had been thinking of getting a pet for quite a while. Every time I saw a cute dog out for a walk I thought about what it would be like to have one. Then I would do some googling about what breed would be best for me, but it always brought me back to budgie. Dogs are great, but they require a lot of time, space, and money. Would it be ok in my tiny apartment all day? Would I hate getting up early to take it out to poop? As much as I thought I wanted a dog, something I could take outside and that I could snuggle with, what I really wanted was an animal that I could train and play with and that would be happy and comfortable in a cage when I wasn’t home.

Even though I had had budgies as a kid all we really knew about taking care of parakeets was what the girl at the pet store had told us. This time around I read everything I could think to google about taming, training, and caring for budgies, before ever setting foot in a pet store. What I learned is that parrots are even smarter than I realized. They are very active and curious and can learn all kinds of tricks, including mimicking human speech. I chose to get a budgie again, as opposed to another type of parrot, because I live in a small apartment and wouldn’t be able to let a larger bird be flighted. Also, they fit my student-sized budget better.

Every source I’ve found says that it is easiest to tame and train a budgie if you just have one. But there are also lots of people who say that budgies should always be kept in pairs, or more, so they don’t get depressed. The universal recommendation was that if you were going to keep just one, then you would have to spend time with it everyday. That’s what I was looking for though, something like a puppy, something that would add some noise to my apartment and a little responsibility to my life.

If you’re considering getting budgies I recommend reading through because it explains the basics in a nice easy-to-read format, covering everything from what a budgie is, to what having a budgie will require of you.