Welcome to my budgie blog! I'm putting this site together to share some of the things I've learned from living with a pet bird. And to show off how cool Apollo is. It might be interesting to any of you who have parakeets, who are considering becoming an avian pet owner, or who just want to check out some photos and videos of Apollo.

This site is still under construction, so bear with me. I'll be adding new pages regularly so keep checking back. I've designed the site so that it should work well on any device (from smart phone to big screen tv), so if you find something that isn't working, or that looks weird, please let me know so I can fix it pronto. (You can find my email address at the bottom of the page.) I welcome any other feedback you'd like to give as well.

Can't wait to see more pictures of Apollo? Check out my post on talkbudgies.com.

Here's a short video I put together of some of the fun Apollo and I had during our first few months together: