Cages, Toys, and Perches

Budgies require toys, space, and a variety of perches to stay happy and healthy. I do most of my shopping online, and I really appreciate people's reviews of products when I'm looking for new items (even ones I am going to buy right from a store). Sometimes the most difficult thing about online shopping for budgies is not being able to tell if something is suitable for a parakeet-sized bird. So I’m going to post my own reviews of all l the things I have bought for Apollo to help you decide what and what not to buy for your budgies. To start, here's a video of Apollo playing the drum.


Before I got Apollo I bought a little convertible top cage that helped us through our taming process. But when his wings grew out I bought him a flight cage too because he needed it.

Essential Perches

Budgies need a variety of perches to maintain good foot health. These are the staples that I leave in Apollo's cage at all times.

Rope Boing and Kabobs

Boings are springy, bouncy, rope perches that are lots of fun for budgies, as long as they're used safely. Kabobs are also budgie favourites because they can be shredded and chewed, which helps maintain healthy beaks.